Tidland External Element Air Shaft

Series 800 shafts feature innovative two-piece expanding elements, which deliver an impressive combination of balance and torque. These advanced shafts also feature self retraction, durable poly bladder, and a fail-safe multi-circuit air system, with check valves to ensure that a loss of air in one element will not affect the expansion and performance of the other elements.

The Series 800 Strip Shaft is designed for medium- to heavy-duty in 76.2 mm (3 inch) to 508 mm (20 inch) ID cores. This shaft’s full-length strip design delivers excellent torque characteristics, making it ideal for general duty unwind and rewind applications.



  • Advanced external element design delivers superior roll build quality
  • Two-piece element design is resistant to punctures but can be changed easily, without removing the shaft from the machine
  • Isolated air circuits insure core is held even if one element fails minimizing downtime
  • Durable construction designed to withstand abuse and abrasion
  • Rubber or metallic expansion elements support a wide variety of converting applications and core materials



  • Nominal Core Size 3 inches
  • Fiber Core 132 lb-in
  • Steel Core 141 lb-in
  • Nominal Core Size 6 inches
  • Fiber Core 353 lb-in
  • Steel Core 378 lb-in
  • Nominal Core Size 12 inches
  • Fiber Core 1,415 lb-in
  • Steel Core 1,514 lb-in