Tidland Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts

The perfect combination of durability and high-speed operation in a lightweight, ergonomic air shaft is what operators will find in Tidland’s Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts. The Ultrashaft is available with a unique resin rich coating to provide further protection against abrasion, knife cuts, unexpected impact and normal wear and tear from daily shaft handling. This new Ultrashaft M30 results in a lighter overall shaft weight and eliminates guessing if the carbon fiber under a cracked sleeve is safe for your application.

Further enhancements to the shaft include high-torque lugs and non-metallic retraction springs to virtually eliminate bladder failures giving you an ultra-reliable, ultra-durable, ultra-high speed, Ultrashaft.



  • Lightweight carbon fiber design reduces workers’ compensation costs associated with shaft handling
  • High modulus, low deflection carbon fiber shaft increases profitability through higher run speeds and trouble free splices
  • New M30 resin rich coating reduces downtime and replacement costs associated with cracked sleeves
  • High strength, high torque design enables safe handling of the most demanding materials





  • Estimated Shaft Weight18 kg
  • Load Capacity – Single Roll1,956 kg
  • Load Capacity – Multiple Rolls1,164 kg
  • Maximum Operating Speed1,620 RPM

Steel Sleeve

  • Estimated Shaft Weight26 kg
  • Load Capacity – Single Roll4,023 kg
  • Load Capacity – Multiple Rolls2,370 kg
  • Maximum Operating Speed1,046 RPM