Tidland Performance Series Knifeholders

Providing faster setups, increased productivity and unrivaled finished roll quality, the revolutionary Performance Series Knifeholder is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of slitting materials and web speed, for shear, crush and razor slitting of a wide range of applications, from very light converting to mill duty finishing operations. Operators can choose from a variety of design options, selecting a knifeholder specific to your needs.


Key Features:

  • Modular mounting options that allow retrofit to any machine
  • Operator-friendly setup features
  • Automatic half-stroke feature sets the correct side pressure between top and bottom anvil knives
  • Optional pneumatic lock mount with pinion and traverse knob
  • Made of durable materials to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Air Purged, dust-proof design
  • Quick change cant angle key
  • Precise process controls to increase roll quality
  • Simplified, positive controls of pneumatic functions
  • No external hoses between knifeholder components
  • Tool-free, one-handed cartridge mount with safety lock


Class I
  • Minimum Slit Width 27 mm
  • Maximum Designated Speed*1,000 mpm
  • Blade Diameter 90 mm
Class II
  • Minimum Slit Width 50.8 mm
  • Maximum Designated Speed*1,700 mpm
  • Blade Diameter 150 mm
Class III
  • Minimum Slit Width 76.2 mm
  • Maximum Designated Speed*3,000 mpm
  • Blade Diameter 200 mm