Grafisk MaskinfabrikPeel and Reveal Multi-layer Unit

GM Peel and Reveal Multi-layer Unit

Multi-layer labels are often used for pharmaceutical and medical label applications – especially when government regulations require product information to remain intact with the product. With a multi-layer label, you can also add recipes on food labels, promote sweepstakes / giveaways, offer detailed instructions, give multilingual information, debut a new product, attract buyers with coupons and display legal text.



Specifications Metric
Web width 330 and 500mm standard
Speed Up to 72 m/min
Verified Substrates 30 – 60 µm PP on silicone liner
Power / Air 3x400V+N+PE, 6A, 6 bar
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200 x 280 x 900 mm
Weight 60 kg


Efficient production of multi-layer units requires either cross-over units or lamination of two layers in register. Lamination in register has a major advantage over cross- over units, as the full web width is utilized. This doubles the production capacity and allows for full flexibility in the label design and size.

Advanced full servo control ensures perfect register between top and bottom layer. The system automatically controls web tension and register, while providing feedback to the user on the built-in touchscreen.

The system has an optional cloud/network connectivity and can be connected to a local or external network job base for fully digital job scheduling. Remote system diagnostics and monitoring comes as standard.

GM’s SmartLam unit is compatible with all GM DC330/DC350/DC550 modular finishers. The compact but advanced unit can be installed in a day or ordered with a new machine.

The GM Peel and Reveal Multi-layer Unit:

Client example of multi layer labels: