GEW NUVA2 UV Curing System

Fully air-cooled UV curing system

The NUVA2 UV curing system is the most effective UV technology for colour UV inkjet printing, as well as for high-speed coding, marking and serialisation.  NUVA2 are fully air-cooled UV curing systems. They are available in widths of up to 250cm (100in).

RHINO embedded service technology continuously monitors the system, thus guarding against out-of-specification parameters that could result in an unplanned stoppage. GEW UV systems are engineered for operation in the most challenging conditions. They come with a 5-year warranty to avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

With NUVA2 UV curing, your machine runs faster for longer, with less energy and no downtime.

E2C systems are available with inert atmosphere curing. They can easily be upgraded to LED curing by using the same RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply.

Where alternative products exploit conventional curing technologies that often neglect energy monitoring, GEW state of the art UV systems implement advanced UV lamphead technology associated with the most energy efficient power supplies. E2C RHINO systems come with the additional benefit of a comprehensive 5-year warranty unique in its industry.


Why use NUVA2?

To increase your production capacity
To increase your machine up-time
To reduce your operating cost
To reduce your carbon footprint

System benefits:

Lowest total cost of ownership

  • 30% energy saving
  • Reduced plant air consumption

Easily implemented sustainability measure

  • Immediate reduction in CO2 footprint
  • Cool, quiet operation with no need for expensive water-cooling

5-year warranty

  • Safeguards against unplanned maintenance costs

Maximum machine productivity

  • Fast start lamp technology
  • System proactively avoids unplanned downtime
  • Consistent, high-speed curing
  • Quick to install

Available with inert atmosphere curing

  • Enables production of silicone release liners and food packaging
  • Process consistency assured with embedded precision oxygen level control
  • Fully engineered solutions designed to suit your specific application