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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik RL Roll Lifter

    The RL roll lifters are mobile, hydraulic lifting units for handling of paper rolls from storage area to printing press.
    The RL-line includes four models RL7, RL11, RL14 and RL14EL with different lifting heights and manual or automatic lifting. The RL roll lifter unit consists of a solidly welded frame, two fixed front wheels and two revolvable rear wheels. The distance between the front wheels has been adjusted to enable them to go under an EUR pallet.

    The RL 7/11/14 are designed with a foot operated hydraulic pump and gear train for easy lifting and lowering in the RL14EL this is done by an electric actuator. The support shaft is fitted with ball bearings on the top side and can easily be replaced by a yoke which is applied when the roll including the shaft is to be lifted from a machine.

    The RL14EL which is the automatic roll lifter is supplied with a remote controller the Lifting and lowering function is made by means of an electrical actuator.

    The RT-line is a simple and inexpensive roll turner designed to be mounted in an electric crane for lifting and easy turning of paper rolls from horizontal into vertical position. The RT can place the paper roll directly in the rewind or unwind section of a slitter or a printing press.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 NANO

    Ultra Compact Converting

    Ultra compact, cost effective unit for lamination, die-cutting and slitting. As digital label printing continues to grow, label-printing houses are realizing the need for all inclusive digital printing systems that provide value adding features for producing fully finished labels. The DC330NANO offers the ideal solution. The DC330NANO offers unwind, self-adhesive lamination, semi-rotary die cutting and length slitting on a compact 1.3m x 1.4m platform. The unit is ideal as converter for a small digital press or as a backup to an existing finishing line. The unit can run either offline or inline.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330FB

    Combination Print Finishing

    The powerful combination of semi-rotary die cutting, flatbed screen-printing and a 30 ton pressure heavy duty stamping and hot foil unit, makes even complex labels easy to run. The tooling cost is very low and most tools can be made locally or in-house. Existing tooling for older flatbed equipment can be reused. If you disable the flatbed units, the line cab produce normal industrial labels with flexo, lamination, cold foiling and semi-rotary die cutting at up to 45 m/min ( can be increased to 65 m/min with Productivity Pack).

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik LC330

    Compact Laser

    The LC330 is a compact, economic and fully digital laser finishing machine. Simply download the file from the pre-press department and the laser module is ready. The system can be fitted with an optional barcode reader for faster reload of existing jobs. The laser power ranges from 100-400 Watt (400-1000 Watt peak). It is possible to cut with different power levels on the same label. The standard LC330 has laser die, slitting and dual rewind. The unit is prepared for flexo varnish, spot varnish, lamination, cold foil and automatic knife box.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 HYBRID

    Hybrid Laser and Semi-rotary Finishing

    The DC330HYBRID is the perfect solution for digitally printed webs. Simply download the file from the pre-press department and the laser module is ready. It fits an optional barcode reader for faster reload of existing jobs. The laser module is an independent module that can be retrofitted into any DC330. The laser power ranges from 100-400Watt (400-1000Watt peak). The standard DC330HYBRID configuration has flexo varnish, lamination, slitting and dual rewinding built in. The DC330HYBRID can be combined with GM’s automatic knife system for digital production.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik HOTFB330

    HOTFB330 Standalone Hot Foil

    Hot stamping and embossing adds the final touch to labels and empowers businesses to impress customers with the right combination of quality and beauty. The FB330 flatbed hot stamp unit from Grafisk Maskinfabrik is an innovative hot foil stamping and embossing machine that gives your labels an impressive and unique look and feel. This helps your products stand out from the competition on store shelves. 

    Delivering stamp speeds of up to 6500 imp/min, the GM Type HOTFB330 30-ton precision stamping machine produces high-quality labels, delivers peace of mind uptime and can be used for hot foil stamping, printing, embossing or one pass foil and embossing applications. Flatbed machines are the best choice for quality hot stamping and the FB330 is capable of adding intricate gold and silver details, and even holograms to your labels. 

    The leading hot foil stamping machine for sale in Australia, the HOTFB330 is no one-trick pony — it does both hot foil and cold embossing to serve all your hot foil stamping and printing needs. Advanced features such as foil saver, servo-register and electronic temperature control and BST web-guide come as standard with these benchmark-quality hot foil stamping and printing machines.

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  • Ashe Onyx


    This versatile slitter rewinder is ideal for products like PP, PE and PET, and gives you a beautifully finished product. Low cost and easy to use, it’s ideal for start-up companies or those working to a tight budget.

    Ideal when space is at a premium, the Onyx is a one-piece machine with unwind, electronics and pneumatics all integral, making installation quick and easy.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik PNT160

    Semi-automatic Core Cutter

    The PNT160 Semi-automatic core cutter provides high precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores of optional length and sizes at high speeds. Long experience in the manufacturing of core cutters has resulted in the development of a unique product giving high priority to service friendliness and production speed. The switch over from job to job is easily done within a few minutes. The core cutter is operated by a user-friendly touch display with graphic symbols. The PNT160 Semi-automatic core cutter automatically adjusts all machine operations to the selected core size and wall thickness.
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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik GR80 Shredder

    Shredder without own suction. Designed to shred a wide range of materials and reduce it to approx. 5-10% of the original volume.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik GR80K Shredder

    Shredder with built-in waste removal unit. Designed to shred a wide range of material and reduce it to approx. 5-10% of the original volume.

    Combined with the optional Waste Bag System it is possible to use canvas bags for the shredded material. The optional Waste Bag System can easily be retrofitted to existing GR80K machines in a matter of minutes.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik KU200 Roll Lifter

    KU200 Electro-hydraulic Roll Lifter

    Mobile electric/hydraulic roll lifters/roll turners. All models are available with remote control and are equipped with an expansion mandrel and a roll holder preventing telescoping of the roll. Max. roll weight 200 kg. A laterally movable lever arm is standard on the KU200

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik KU350 DHFM Roll Lifter

    The KU350 DHFM is a motorized roll lifter/roll turner that can lift rolls from a pallet, turn them from horizontal into vertical position and place them either on the floor or directly in the rewind/unwind section of a machine.

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