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  • Tidland Control Series Electronic Knifeholders

    Maximize operator safety, productivity and roll quality with Tidland’s newest innovation in slitting. Featuring an LED-backlit touchscreen interface, enhanced durability and available wireless operation, the Control Series offers a dramatic improvement in knifeholder technology.

    Available in two models, Control and Control Plus, both allow setup in seconds without operator intervention, resulting in increased consistency, less blade wear and reduced downtime between runs.

    The Control Plus model adds closed-loop side force control and real-time monitoring via the onboard touchscreen or PC interface so that settings can be confirmed and consistently maintained.

    Available in two models, Control and Control Plus, both allow setup in seconds without operator intervention, resulting in increased consistency, less blade wear and reduced downtime between runs.

    The Control Plus model adds closed-loop side force control and real-time monitoring via the onboard touchscreen or PC interface so that settings can be confirmed and consistently maintained.

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  • Tidland Performance Series Knifeholders

    Providing faster setups, increased productivity and unrivaled finished roll quality, the revolutionary Performance Series Knifeholder is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of slitting materials and web speed, for shear, crush and razor slitting of a wide range of applications, from very light converting to mill duty finishing operations. Operators can choose from a variety of design options, selecting a knifeholder specific to your needs.

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  • Safety Accessories for Tidland Knifeholders and Blades

    There is no acceptable level of accidents, one is too many. That’s why we think about safety issues with every product we make. Innovations like our new blade guard provide extra protection and can be easily retrofitted to any Tidland slitter. Tidland Knifeholders feature a removable cartridge so blades can be more safely changed on a workbench. When you choose Tidland, you’ve made safety a key part of your selection criteria.

    360 Degree Blade Guard
    The 360 degree blade guard protects an operator from sharp blades while handling knifeholders off of the machine. Available for Class I, Class II, and Class III Tidland Knifeholders.

    Bench Mount Fixture and Safety Gloves
    Tidland’s convenient bench-mount fixture mounts easily to any workbench with two screws. It features a dovetail guide bar to hold the knifeholder cartridge securely and free up operator hands while performing basic maintenance on the knifeholder. Tidland safety gloves help to protect operator hands when working with sharp blades.

    Blade Guard Attachments
    Retrofit existing e-Knifeholders, Performance Series, Series C and other knifeholders with a low-cost blade guard to reduce operator injury. This guard is an inexpensive way to minimize the risk of operator injury while upper and lower knives are engaged. Each blade guard attaches directly to the existing knifeholder, acting as an extension to alert operators when they are too close to the blade, giving them more time to react.

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  • Schlumpf USA Roll Dollies

    Schlumpf’s portable roll dollies –  Superior performance and quality.

    Schlumpf VCRD roll dollies offer an inexpensive way to transport rolled materials or other equipment throughout your plant and keep your valuable material clean and off the floor.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik RL Roll Lifter

    The RL roll lifters are mobile, hydraulic lifting units for handling of paper rolls from storage area to printing press.
    The RL-line includes four models RL7, RL11, RL14 and RL14EL with different lifting heights and manual or automatic lifting. The RL roll lifter unit consists of a solidly welded frame, two fixed front wheels and two revolvable rear wheels. The distance between the front wheels has been adjusted to enable them to go under an EUR pallet.

    The RL 7/11/14 are designed with a foot operated hydraulic pump and gear train for easy lifting and lowering in the RL14EL this is done by an electric actuator. The support shaft is fitted with ball bearings on the top side and can easily be replaced by a yoke which is applied when the roll including the shaft is to be lifted from a machine.

    The RL14EL which is the automatic roll lifter is supplied with a remote controller the Lifting and lowering function is made by means of an electrical actuator.

    The RT-line is a simple and inexpensive roll turner designed to be mounted in an electric crane for lifting and easy turning of paper rolls from horizontal into vertical position. The RT can place the paper roll directly in the rewind or unwind section of a slitter or a printing press.

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  • Schlumpf USA Vertical Roll Lifters

    Schlumpf’s vertical roll lifters, safely lift, load & stack rolls.

    Lift and transport rolls by their core in a vertical position. A hoist is used to maneuver the rolls from a pallet, work table or to a cart.   Manufactured in the USA!

    • Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks
    • Safely lifts rolls by the core
    • Fail safe gripper design securely holds rolls
    • Capacities to 4,400lbs (2000 kg)
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  • Schlumpf USA Horizontal Roll Lifters

    The HRL family of horizontal roll lifters is designed for handling rolls in a horizontal position. They are offered in many standard configurations and can be customized for special application requirements. Hoist controls options available.
    Capacities to 1,000 lbs (454 kg)

    Schlumpf’s Horizontal Roll Lifters are used to transport rolls in a horizontal position.

    The unit is supported by a hoist and allows operators to to load or unload the rolls onto a machine spindle and to/from a roll cart or table.

    • Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks
    • Lift roll by the core or by supporting the outside diameter
    • Manual, powered and automatic load leveling systems available
    • Multiple tooling options available.
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  • Harper Scientific Roll Covers

    Echo-Pro & Echo-Cover roll covers will reduce downtime by keeping your rolls clean, safe from nicks and scratches, and ready for immediate changeovers.

    Echo-Pro Roll Covers are constructed of vinyl and inner-lined with thick industrial felt padding.

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  • Harper Scientific Shield-Pro™

    SHIELD-PRO™ Protective Roll Covers for Sleeve Anilox Rolls.

    Shield-Pro™ SLIT is specially designed for all rollers and sleeves where installation on the Anilox roll on press is required. Shield-Pro™ UN-SLIT is specially designed for installation from the end of a sleeve when it is in service configuration for removal and or changing.

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  • Harper Scientific Ceram Clean ll™

    The perfect solution for a dirty problem. Anilox roll cleaner for water based, UV, and solvent Inks.

    The Anilox Roll Cleaner – CeramClean II™ – will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from the engraving without damaging the cell structure on ceramic and chrome cylinders. It will remove Water, UV and most Solvent based inks and in most instances will remove those tough stains found on the roll face.

    CeramClean II™ is available in 2 Packs (2 -16 oz. bottles, 8 Packs (8-16 oz. bottles), 1 Gal. Tub, 5 gal container and 55 gal drums.

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  • Harper Scientific Duro-Brush™

    Anilox Cleaning Brushes

    The Duro-Brush  brushes are designed with tapered, extended life plastic handles that resist impact of water and pressroom chemicals.

    Each bristle is engineered at .003″ diameter to be able to penetrate the bottom of the cells. Available in stainless steel ( for ceramic rolls) ,  brass ( for chrome rolls).

    Stainless Steel brush is for use on ceramic anilox rollers only.

    Brass brush is for use on chrome anilox rollers only.

    The Duro-Brush  is also available in nylon for cleaning printing plates.

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  • Rotoflex DF3 Digital Finishing

    A robust offline converting solution for digital applications

    Rotoflex DF3 is a highly-configurable offline digital finishing and converting solution. Servo-driven from unwind to rewind with print and die cut units in between, the intelligent DF3 system delivers unparalleled agility, ultra-efficient operation and a full spectrum of decoration for offline applications and processes in the fast-growing digital and hybrid world.

    Brands need flexibility with the finishes they put on labels. That’s where the DF3 comes into play as your production phase 2. The Rotoflex DF3 is a robust multi-function platform for finishing printed label and film stock.

    The system is extremely flexible, offering a continuous or semi-rotary mode to accommodate a wide range of repeat sizes, while also modular to adapt to the embellishment needs of a demanding digital market.

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