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  • Tidland Great-Expansion Shaft

    Versatility is important for so many pieces of equipment, accessories and components, yet so few actually deliver. Tidland’s expansion shafts are specifically designed for applications where core size variation is common. Operators can adjust the core diameter of the shaft while it remains on the machine, eliminating the need to stock multiple shafts and drastically reducing setup time.

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  • Tidland Raptor Series Torque Chucks

    Tidland’s shaftless Chucks are ideal for continuous-duty shaftless applications in corrugating, sheeting, paper finishing or laminating. The unique design is extremely robust, easy to maintain and core-friendly. Ease of removal and insertion improve overall throughput while reducing waste associated with jammed cores.

    Tidland’s Raptor Series torque chucks also offer unique ergonomic benefits to operators. Routine maintenance and core size changes can be made without removing the entire chuck from the machine, reducing downtime and the risk of injury due to heavy lifting. The toolless adapter allows users to switch core sizes in two steps, taking less than five seconds overall

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  • Tidland GX Ultra Lightweight Air Shaft

    The Ultra-Lightweight GX Air Shaft is made with lightweight, high-strength aluminum and an innovative 2-piece expanding element. It delivers unmatched performance in many unwind and rewind applications. Operators’ backs will be saved as this shaft is one of the leading ergonomic solutions for converting applications and has helped many converters reduce or eliminate workers’ compensation claims due to overexertion and heavy lifting.

    GX shafts are available to suit a large variety of core sizes and are part of Tidland’s complete line of ergonomic solutions for converters, which includes the ever-popular Force5 Air Chuck and Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shaft.

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  • Tidland NimCor Roll Restorer

    The NimCor Roll Restorer quickly turns seemingly unusable stock back into profitable inventory by helping to salvage virtually any roll with a crushed or damaged core. The Roll Restorer can also be used to install shafts while restoring damaged rolls.

    Choose from Two Models:
    Standard Model: 50.8 mm to 152.4 mm Core ID
    Heavy Duty Model: 50.8 mm to 304.8 mm Core ID (forklift mountable)

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  • Accessories for the Tidland Mark I Roll Saver

    Mark I Roll Saver Adapters
    These adapters are available in three sizes and may be used in combination with the Mark I Roll Saver to restore 101.6 mm (4 inch), 127 mm (5 inch), 152.4 mm (6 inch) and 171.5 mm (6 3/4 inch) crushed cores.

    Mark I Roll Saver Sledge Weight
    The Sledge Weight is a useful tool for driving the Mark I Roll Saver into difficult cores. It’s better, simpler, and safer than any type of sledgehammer 9 kg (20 lb) weight.

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  • Tidland Raptor Series Air Powered Lug Chucks

    Tidland’s Raptor Series Air Powered Lug Chucks are easy to use and maintain and help eliminate the core damage usually associated with shaftless applications. The Air Powered Lug Chuck is ideal for high-speed printing, laminating, sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero speed splicers and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications. Unlike other chucks, Tidland’s Raptor Series Air Powered Chucks offer on-machine maintenance and toolless adapter changes from 76.2 mm (3 inch) to 305 mm (12 inch) cores in less than 5 seconds.

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  • Tidland Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts

    The perfect combination of durability and high-speed operation in a lightweight, ergonomic air shaft is what operators will find in Tidland’s Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts. The Ultrashaft is available with a unique resin rich coating to provide further protection against abrasion, knife cuts, unexpected impact and normal wear and tear from daily shaft handling. This new Ultrashaft M30 results in a lighter overall shaft weight and eliminates guessing if the carbon fiber under a cracked sleeve is safe for your application.

    Further enhancements to the shaft include high-torque lugs and non-metallic retraction springs to virtually eliminate bladder failures giving you an ultra-reliable, ultra-durable, ultra-high speed, Ultrashaft.

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