Anilox Care & Cleaning

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  • Harper Scientific Roll Covers

    Echo-Pro & Echo-Cover roll covers will reduce downtime by keeping your rolls clean, safe from nicks and scratches, and ready for immediate changeovers.

    Echo-Pro Roll Covers are constructed of vinyl and inner-lined with thick industrial felt padding.

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  • Harper Scientific Shield-Pro™

    SHIELD-PRO™ Protective Roll Covers for Sleeve Anilox Rolls.

    Shield-Pro™ SLIT is specially designed for all rollers and sleeves where installation on the Anilox roll on press is required. Shield-Pro™ UN-SLIT is specially designed for installation from the end of a sleeve when it is in service configuration for removal and or changing.

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  • Harper Scientific Ceram Clean ll™

    The perfect solution for a dirty problem. Anilox roll cleaner for water based, UV, and solvent Inks.

    The Anilox Roll Cleaner – CeramClean II™ – will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from the engraving without damaging the cell structure on ceramic and chrome cylinders. It will remove Water, UV and most Solvent based inks and in most instances will remove those tough stains found on the roll face.

    CeramClean II™ is available in 2 Packs (2 -16 oz. bottles, 8 Packs (8-16 oz. bottles), 1 Gal. Tub, 5 gal container and 55 gal drums.

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  • Harper Scientific Duro-Brush™

    Anilox Cleaning Brushes

    The Duro-Brush  brushes are designed with tapered, extended life plastic handles that resist impact of water and pressroom chemicals.

    Each bristle is engineered at .003″ diameter to be able to penetrate the bottom of the cells. Available in stainless steel ( for ceramic rolls) ,  brass ( for chrome rolls).

    Stainless Steel brush is for use on ceramic anilox rollers only.

    Brass brush is for use on chrome anilox rollers only.

    The Duro-Brush  is also available in nylon for cleaning printing plates.

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  • Harper Scientific Handheld Cell Microscope

    View the cells of your anilox up close, and check for wear, damage and plugging.

    Monitor the condition of your anilox inventory with the lighted Handheld TRM-C Series 400x microscope.

    View the cells of your anilox up close, and check for wear, damage and plugging.

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