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  • Top Knife Blades

    Tidland is your best resource for replacement blades manufactured to the exact specifications to perform in Tidland Knifeholders.

    Replacement blades are available for Shear, Crush and Razor slitting in a variety of materials; 52-100 Standard Steel; D2 Alloy; Powder Metal; Ceramic Coated; Carbide and varying blade profiles (blade angle and/or tip radius) to suit any application.

    Our most popular shear blades for Class II and Class III knifeholders are listed below.

    Class II Shear Blade Dished D-2 Part No. 128401
    Class II Shear Blade Dished/Flat Powder Metal Part No. 524621
    Class III Shear Blade Dished D-2 Part No. 129833
    Class III Shear Blade Dished/Flat Powder Metal Part No. 501835

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  • Tidland Knife Rings, Slitter Shafts and Trim Chutes

    From slitter shafts to film slitting blades to maintenance tools, the Tidland line of accessory products will help you to make your slitting system give you peak performance.
    Bottom Knife Rings and Spacers: Shear and Crush: D2 Alloy; Carbide; Ceramic.
    Slitter Shafts: Series 900 GK External Element Air Expanding Slitter Shaft; Series 905 KT Tubular Mandrel; Series 910 KS Solid Mandrel.
    Slitting Table Idler Rolls: Infeed; Outfeed; Segmented Idler Rolls; Aluminum; Steel; Different External Coatings to Suit Any Application; Idler Brakes.
    Trim Chutes: Stainless Steel; Air Lubricated.
    More accessories: Coalescing Air Filters and Regulator Assembly; Workbench Blade Change Clamp Fixture; Spare Blade Cartridges for Quick Blade Changes; Hex Key Sets for Knifeholders
    For more detailed information on any particular item, please contact your Tidland sales associate.

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  • Easy Glider

    Reduce setup time and increase your ability to compete on shorter runs with the Easy Glider from Tidland. The Easy Glider incorporates the best of both worlds; a true bearing for ease of movement, plus a dovetail guide bar for secure support and positive clamping. An industrial quality linear bearing rail is integrated into a traditional dovetail guide bar, and a precision recirculating ball bearing is designed into a Performance Series knifeholder mount. The two systems (dovetail and bearing) function independently without conflict. Easy Glider is available on new Performance Series knifeholders, and can be retrofit to existing units as well.

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  • DuraGlide

    Make Knifeholder setup a breeze with the new DuraGlide guide bar from Tidland.

    DuraGlide’s dual rail design is hard coat anodized for durability, and quick easy adjustment. The best part is that it is completely interchangeable with Tidland’s current Performance Series and EZ Glide guide bar configurations.
    Geometry of knifeholder does NOT change
    Reduces setup time
    Decreases downtime

    Aluminum Rail- Lightweight and easy to handle for installation

    Hard Coat Anodized Rail- Smooth finish for quick and easy adjustment, which reduces downtime. Durable and long lasting to reduce costs

    Dual Rail Design- Increases stability for quick and easy knifeholder adjustment. This reduces setup time and decreases downtime between recipe changes

    Geometry Design- Completely interchangeable with standard Tidland Dovetail Guide Bar. Allows removal of existing dovetail guide bar and replacement with Dura Glide Geometry of knifeholder to bottom anvil does not change

    Proven Bearing and Rail Design- Makes initial installation and setup a breeze, If any adjustments are required for fit, this can be done in less than a minute

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  • Tidland Slitter Model SP-500 / MSP-A

    The Tidland Slitter Model SP-500 will help operators run more efficiently by increasing the speed and accuracy of knife positioning and minimizing the frequency and complexity of maintenance — two of the main factors in realizing a quick return on investment. This slitter provides the best mix of new technology and proven performance as it is designed to improve profitability and production efficiency by increasing positioning speed, accuracy, and consistency.

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  • Tidland ESP – Electronic Slitter Positioning System

    Designed to save downtime and increase productivity, Tidland’s ESP – Electronic Slitter Positioning System allows an operator to move 10 knives in under one minute with the web in place with accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm (0.004 inch) deviation.

    Created for use in mill finishing and other large-scale converting operations, the ESP delivers intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen interfaces and can retrofit to most winders regardless of web path. Typical materials include: coated and uncoated boards, tissue, newsprint and fine papers. This robust system has been specifically designed to perform reliably in the most demanding environments.

    The ESP’s modular design allows for easy upgrade from the manual version, and easy retrofitting into numerous brands of winders, offering the benefits of standardized parts. Converting to ESP’s automatic system affords the benefits of trim management, unlimited set pattern memory and computer software that is easy-to-use, and can be integrated into your mill-wide systems.

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  • Tidland Edge-Trim

    Reduce waste and increase productivity with Tidland’s Edge-Trim, a self-contained shear slitting unit for continuously moving flexible webs. Blade setup time is virtually eliminated during trim changes by quickly repositioning the knife pair (upper and lower blades) simultaneously, without disturbing the slit geometry to maintain the highest level of trim quality.

    The Edge-Trim is available in manual or automated configurations.

    Additional Options Available
    Integration: Can be configured to run from customer’s PC via stand-alone program or an existing Human Machine Interface (i.e. RsView32, Wonderware).
    Automated Controls: User-friendly, intuitive operations and touch-screen controls, highly accurate absolute web width patterns, incremental positioning, position accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.

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  • Tidland MSP Modular Slitting Positioning Systems

    The point of any slitting system is to improve efficiency, speed and productivity. Tidland’s Modular Slitting Positioning Systems provide quality slit edges, faster setup times and less dust, resulting in better rolls and high productivity at a cost-efficient price.

    Tidland’s MSP is more than just a slitter, it’s a methodology that offers an advanced, custom-configured solution using modular pre-engineered components. If you don’t need the feature, you don’t pay for the feature.

    Because the MSP is a custom, scalable solution, it is practical for virtually any converting application. Each level builds upon the components of the previous version to provide additional benefits. Every MSP product includes an experienced Tidland engineer review of the customer specific application with recommendations for improvement.

    There are three basic levels of MSP solutions: Manual MSP Slitter Base System, Semi-Automatic Upgradeable MSP Slitter, and the Fully Automatic MSP Slitter.

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  • Hitchiker – Linked Slitting System

    Used in applications that involve multiple slits and need the best quality cut, Tidland’s durable and reliable Hitchiker Linked Slitting System drastically reduces web-out slitter setup time and improves slit quality. The Hitchiker allows repositioning of knifeholders and anvil rings simultaneously, maintaining the critical blade-to-anvil relationship. This affordable slitting system is available in two sizes, and is capable of handling smaller systems with 2-3 knives, as well as larger systems. The Hitchiker retrofits easily to most machines, accommodating virtually any web width and any number of slits.

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  • DMS Digital Measurement System

    Tidland’s affordable Digital Measurement System is an extremely accurate and reliable method of measuring slitter knife positions. This easy to use system reduces operator error and greatly speeds up re-positioning times. For slit widths 508 mm (20 inches) and longer, accuracy is within ± 0.18 mm (0.007 inch), and for slit widths under 20 inches (508 mm), accuracy increases to ± 0.10 mm (0.004 inch) or better.

    The Digital Measurement System is simple to install, requiring standard 110V power plus 80 psi (5.5 bar) minimum filtered air supply. It permanently mounts between existing machine frames using two end-mounting blocks supplied with the unit. And the electronic display can be mounted at any position on the machine.

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  • Tidland Control Series Electronic Knifeholders

    Maximize operator safety, productivity and roll quality with Tidland’s newest innovation in slitting. Featuring an LED-backlit touchscreen interface, enhanced durability and available wireless operation, the Control Series offers a dramatic improvement in knifeholder technology.

    Available in two models, Control and Control Plus, both allow setup in seconds without operator intervention, resulting in increased consistency, less blade wear and reduced downtime between runs.

    The Control Plus model adds closed-loop side force control and real-time monitoring via the onboard touchscreen or PC interface so that settings can be confirmed and consistently maintained.

    Available in two models, Control and Control Plus, both allow setup in seconds without operator intervention, resulting in increased consistency, less blade wear and reduced downtime between runs.

    The Control Plus model adds closed-loop side force control and real-time monitoring via the onboard touchscreen or PC interface so that settings can be confirmed and consistently maintained.

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  • Tidland Performance Series Knifeholders

    Providing faster setups, increased productivity and unrivaled finished roll quality, the revolutionary Performance Series Knifeholder is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of slitting materials and web speed, for shear, crush and razor slitting of a wide range of applications, from very light converting to mill duty finishing operations. Operators can choose from a variety of design options, selecting a knifeholder specific to your needs.

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