Ergonomic Shafts

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  • Tidland GX Ultra Lightweight Air Shaft

    The Ultra-Lightweight GX Air Shaft is made with lightweight, high-strength aluminum and an innovative 2-piece expanding element. It delivers unmatched performance in many unwind and rewind applications. Operators’ backs will be saved as this shaft is one of the leading ergonomic solutions for converting applications and has helped many converters reduce or eliminate workers’ compensation claims due to overexertion and heavy lifting.

    GX shafts are available to suit a large variety of core sizes and are part of Tidland’s complete line of ergonomic solutions for converters, which includes the ever-popular Force5 Air Chuck and Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shaft.

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  • Tidland Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts

    The perfect combination of durability and high-speed operation in a lightweight, ergonomic air shaft is what operators will find in Tidland’s Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts. The Ultrashaft is available with a unique resin rich coating to provide further protection against abrasion, knife cuts, unexpected impact and normal wear and tear from daily shaft handling. This new Ultrashaft M30 results in a lighter overall shaft weight and eliminates guessing if the carbon fiber under a cracked sleeve is safe for your application.

    Further enhancements to the shaft include high-torque lugs and non-metallic retraction springs to virtually eliminate bladder failures giving you an ultra-reliable, ultra-durable, ultra-high speed, Ultrashaft.

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