Steering Guide Systems

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  • Fife Kantiroller Steering Guides

    Durable and versatile, the Symat 50 electromechanical offset pivot guide is engineered to accommodate web widths up to 533 mm (21 inches) wide and tensions up to 623 N (140 lbs). This guide is ideal for edge, line, or center guiding applications where short entry and exit spans are required.

    Built for long-lasting, reliable operation, the Symat 50 delivers fast response for highly accurate web positioning This guide is available with standard roller faces of 203 mm (8 inches) to 610 mm (24 inches). Optional Servo-Center provides automatic guide centering to speed the setup and threading process.

    Kantiroller Steering Guides provide web position correction by bending the web through a long entering span. These innovative guiding assemblies provide immediate lateral correction for transient errors, while at the same time compensating for the web’s steady state errors.

    Powered either with an electromechanical actuator or hydraulic cylinder, Kantiroller Steering Guides are built durable for high-load capacity. Features include a single cast base, hardened racerod supports, and low-friction ball bushings. All guides are available with either single or double rollers.

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  • Fife Kamberoller® Steering Guides

    The innovative KAMBEROLLER® Steering Guide delivers precise web or strip position by bending the web through a long entering span. This versatile guiding assembly provides immediate lateral correction for transient errors, while at the same time compensating for the web or strip steady state errors.

    KAMBEROLLER® steering guides are designed for dependable operation in the most demanding environments. They can accommodate high tensions and large variations in strip or web widths.

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  • Fife DSE-17 Wide Band Infrared Sensor

    The DSE-17 is a digital wide proportional band infrared sensor. The sensor is most suitable for applications where opacity or density variations may occur, such as tissue, non-woven, textile, paper, foil, and for many opaque films. It can track up to 4 independent web edges simultaneously.

    When web width variations exist, the wide proportional band of the DSE-17 sensor eliminates the need for the manual repositioning of the sensor.

    Thanks to its IP-65 rating the DSE-17 can be installed even in the presence of water spray or condensation. The digital technique is immune to higher levels of contamination, compared with traditional analog sensors. The contamination of the sensor acrylic window can be monitored via a proportional analog output signal. An air sweep system is available as an option. In addition the DSE-17 sensor is protected against the influence of ambient light.

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  • Fife Electrohydraulic Power Units

    Specifically designed for web guiding, Electrohydraulic Power Units are ideal for use with Fife’s full line of electronic sensors and signal controllers. These power units incorporate our exclusive 2-stage, high-resolution, spool-type servo valve to provide precise, proportional control regardless of material or load requirements.

    Equipped with their own hydraulic reservoir, pump, filter, and relief valve, all standard models can be used for single, double, or triple guiding installations. By utilizing one or more servo valves, a single power unit simultaneously, yet independently, is capable of handling up to three separate guiding operations. For more than three, a combination of power units may be used

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